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Herbies boarding kennel - Alfie

During our trip to the UK to visit family at Christmas we were in the unfortunate position of having to leave our lovely dogs behind. The main reason being that they had only had their rabies jabs 5 ½ months ago and you need to have a clear blood sample 6 months later to be able to re-enter the UK. As it’s an island the UK is pretty careful about these things which is also why there aren’t the stray dangerous dogs like a lot of continental Europe.

So we had to find a kennel and bearing in mind there was snow on the ground we wanted to make sure it was the right one! We live in the North East of Bulgaria and there is a lot less in the way of English speaking services in these parts so since we were driving to Sofia we thought we could look at pretty much anywhere on route and drop the dogs off on the way.

We looked at a lot of kennels online and spoke to a few and finally picked Herbies Boarding Kennels which is run by an English couple who have been in Bulgaria for a few years now. Herbies is situated in the beautiful village of Suhindol near Veliko Tarnovo so its well located/ within reach of a lot of places in Bulgaria.

The kennels are heated and Claire who runs the place has 7 years experience as a veterinary nurse so you know it’s not just some people who have converted an outbuilding but someone who actually knows what they’re doing. A really nice feature of the kennels is that the have a “wuffbook” where they put un update of what your dog has been up to everyday. We said that pictures or a webcam would be even better and they said that the next time their geek is around they will ask him about it. Still, it’s a much better service than most kennels offer!

I am not going to quote prices as I don’t want to have to keep updating this page (yes I’m lazy) but I would say that they are certainly one of the most affordable kennels we’ve seen in Bulgaria and you definitely get your monies worth.

Get in touch with them here and find out for yourselves http://herbiesboardingkennels.com/

We 100% recommend them!