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New favourite Bulgarian beer PDF Print E-mail

Ok so this will be a particularly short entry on the subject of beer. We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at a good Bulgarian friend’s house about 40 minutes from our home in a house overlooking the Danube. While enjoying all manor of alcoholic beverages, one stood out during the hang-over as the main headache causer due to its deliciousness.

If you have read our beer article (HERE) then you will know that we’re fond of Kamenitza lager but found it a bit of a pain that you can’t get a good ale here or any beers other than the normal lager. Sure you can get imported stuff in the hypermarkets but sometimes you just want to pop to the local shop. Well we were wrong! Kamenitza have a “dark” version which is superb and must be tried by any ale or bitter lover. Actually, if you like beer, give it a go.

The closest UK equivalent I can think of is Newcastle Brown Ale and since I am very partial to a Newcie, I am very happy about this recent discovery. Kamenitza Dark is in a similar bottle but the label is black and silver. If you are here, or you are coming here, buy it.

It’s a great beer and as we’re in Bulgaria, the price is right. 2 liters of 5% vol dark beer – 2.49 BGN ( about €1.25)…And people ask why we moved to Bulgaria


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