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Getting Online in Bulgaria PDF Print E-mail
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Internet is affordable and available throughout Bulgaria but perhaps not broadband with the speeds you may be used to in western Europe. If you are an expat living abroad you'll want to keep in touch with loved ones and the internet is a great tool to send home pictures and videos or perhaps starting a blog like this one!

We are in a fairly small village and there are no phone lines in the village and although every house ad you will see probably says the phone and cable TV are easy to install, we went for an even easier option with M-TEL.

We got a “Home Box” which gives us both a phone and internet (5GB) for only 19.99BGN a month (about €10). M-Tel is one of the mobile carriers here in Bulgaria and the internet and phone are via GPRS rather than down a cable.

It is not the quickest internet but it works fairly well for Skype and most things you’d want to do online. If you are into downloading music and films on a regular basis you might want to get broadband installed!

The Homebox also gives you 2 phone numbers so that other M-Tel mobile phone users can call a number which is cheaper and there is also a standard home number. This 2 number system also means that when you dial out, if you are calling an M-Tel mobile phone you can press 9 before dialling and get a cheaper call rate.

The Bulgarian government have recently announced that they plan to have total broadband coverage of Bulgaria by 2013 and around 445 million Euros will be spent on infrastructure to meet this target.

Larger cities already have high speed internet so it is really a case of getting people like us who are in the sticks hooked up!

Mobile internet is also widely available and inexpensive for people who want to travel. We have a pay as you go mobile internet card from M-Tel which has worked everywhere we’ve tried it and again, isn’t the quickest internet in the world but does the basics of email, social networking and Skype without any problems.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 March 2010 12:11