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TV and Satellite

Ah the “idiot box”. What an unfair name when you think of this excellent learning tool that most people having in their front rooms! You don’t have to watch the soaps and there is a whole world of fantastic documentaries out there. Is it the same in Bulgaria? YES! Often the same programs with subtitles or re-dubbed in fact.


We are currently looking into a satellite TV package as we’ve been fairly busy with our housework so far but think it might be nice to have some more channels in the winter. BulSat are probably the company we will go with as they are cheap and have most of the channels we would like (Discovery, Euro Sport, HBO and some kids ones being the most important).

A basic package with BulSat can cost as little as 8.80 BGN (about €4.40) per month with more bespoke packages costing up to about 40 BGN per month.

Terrestrial TV isn’t bad either and you will find that there are a lot of English/American movie on with Subtitles which is good if you’re Bulgarian isn’t quite up to scratch yet. We also had the please of watching Blackadder re-dubbed into Bulgarian. Major football games are on TV and everything else you would expect like VH1 is available.

TV reception will vary throughout the country but if you get satellite you should have top viewing quality!

We decided not to bring our huge old TV with us when we moved and bought our first ever flat screen TV which is HD Ready and has a DVD player for abour 220 BGN (€110). Its served us well so far and although its not a brand we had heard of before, its picture quality is excellent and it can also be used as a computer monitor which means we have one less box cluttering up the living room!

Watching TV in Bulgarian is a great way to get used to the language and how fast people talk. You will be surprised how much you understand particularly if you watch the news as there are always some clues as to what’s going on from the pictures on the screen. If you get fed up of that and just want to switch your brain off, its probably time to put the fire on and pop in a DVD.


Last Updated on Sunday, 18 October 2009 13:28