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flying to bulgaria flights

If you choose to fly from the UK to Bulgaria there are three main airports to choose from: Sofia, Burgas and Varna. Below is an outline of who flies where, although there are also chartered flights usually bookable through a travel agent. Some providers only fly during peak season as life tends to slow down drastically in the winter in Bulgaria. Other providers may not stop flights in winter altogether, but you may find that they are reduced to something like one per week.


Easyjet and Wizzair from London Gatwick and London Luton respectively. British Airways also fly from London Heathrow


Wizzair from London Luton


Wizzair from London Luton. British Airways also fly from London Gatwick

Flight schedules are continually changing, not least because the number of visitors to Bulgaria is increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore it's always good to search online for the best deals. There are always special offers online so it's worth visiting travel websites whenever you have a spare minute to check out the deals of the moment. Getting around within Bulgaria is cheap so if you are pressed for cash but not for time then search for the cheapest flight and get a bus to your destination.

Flying to Bucharest

We live in northern Bulgaria and we have in the past flown to Bucharest with Wizzair. If you do this don't forget to factor in border crossings when calculating journey times. There are numerous taxi firms that cross the border. It is definitely worth booking this in advance as Romanian taxi companies, from the airport at least, are extortionate even by UK standards.


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