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Your Money
  • Managing UK Money

    You might not want to move all your money abroad when you do. Especially if you have properties, pensions and other investments you are happy with and that are performing well. The good news is that of course you don't have to but there may be some things that need to change....


  • Insurance

    Car, house, life, heath, travel.... There are plenty of types of insurances to choose from but it's a bit confusing sometimes. This section is devoted to the "just in case" stuff...

  • Banking in Bulgaria

    There are a lot of pan-European banks now who you will recognise across the whole of Eastern Europe. With savings, current accounts and debit/credit cards to choose from they all have their pros and cons. We’ll tell you who we’re going with and why. We might be wrong of course but it’s always good to see a few points of view before you make up your mind as to where your money is going.